Commercial Building Repair Photos

Below are our projects for commercial building repair photos. Sunset Handyman Services has repaired water-damaged ceilings, fixture replacements, maintenance, and repair service for shopping centers, property maintenance, and more. Click on the images to view the gallery.

Handyman Photos of Home Repairs

Below are photos of home repairs by our handymen. Sunset Handyman Services has repaired railings, remodeled bathrooms, built decks, painted homes, and more.

Todd Puhrmann’s Sunset Handyman Services is a quality Commercial Building Handyman company located in Knoxville, Tennessee. We provide handyman services for commercial building repairs and maintenance in Knoxville, Sevierville, Gatlinburg, Oak Ridge, Powell, Morristown,  as well as other Tennessee communities. Sunset Handy Services also provides handyman home repairs. Below are additional repair photos of commercial properties we service.


Commercial Handyman and Cleaning
Repair Water Damage at Retail Store


Commercial Building Repair Services
Fixed Ceiling Tiles from Water Damage


Commercial Handyman Services
Window Display Painting


Commercial Building Repair & Maintenance
Maintenance Service for Shopping Center


Commercial Building Repair & Maintenance
Knoxville Shopping Mall Repair Service


Commercial Handyman On Call
Water Damage Repair


Commercial Handyman On Call
Water Damage Repair at Sprint


Commercial Building Handyman
Property Maintenance – Fraternity House


Handyman Home Repair
Sanding Rail Fence